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Bloggers’ Quilt Festival – Sleeping Beauty’s Daydream

This is the Sleeping Beauty’s Daydream quilt, finished in September 2014, and my entry to the Large Quilt Category in Blogger’s Quilt Festival, Fall 2014 edition.

Looking at the Sleeping Beauty’s Daydream quilt makes me feel happy! It’s made of lovely fabrics and the beautiful longarm quilting gives it gorgeous texture.

Name: Sleeping Beauty’s Daydream (Ruususen päiväuni) 
Design: Idea picked from a picture on Heather Mulder Peterson’s Trends and Traditions blog – the measurements are my own, and the quilt border is also my own design. 
Size: 63” by 79” 
Fabrics: A variety of prints from my stash, ranging from Amy Butler to Kaffe Fassett and back 
Quilted by Soile Kivinen from Töölön Tilkkupaja 
Backing features some leftover pieces from the front. Ready-made binding in red and white. 

The picture of “floating squares” has been at the back of my mind for years, but it took me a long time to figure out how to make this quilt. I could of course have bought the pattern, but I suspected it would have been in inches, which I do not use. I can only quilt by centimeters!

This was the first time ever that I had enough of a single backing fabric, but even so, I wanted a feature for the flip side of the quilt.

When I blogged about the backing, one of the commenters mentioned that the pieced part looked a bit like a path across a field of flowers. What a wonderful mental image!

My dear sister saw the quilt top in my blog long before I’d finished this, and informed me that she would like to have it. Because I knew who the owner would be, I was able to write this important piece of information on the name tag:

Sorry – the text is in Finnish! But the text says that the first owner of this quilt is my dear sister Sari.

It was hard work holding up the quilt during the photo shoot! I stood on a garden chair and could only just keep my hands up and wide apart so that the quilt hung almost true. I could not keep up the position very long, so I shot the rest of the photos closer to the ground.

Soile Kivinen from Töölön Tilkkupaja quilted wreaths of roses on the quilt. The roses were an inspiration for the name of the quilt. In the Finnish version of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, the princess is called Ruusunen - a small rose.

I selected red/pink and green print fabrics, or fabrics which I categorized as red/pink or green. Somewhat against my usual style, I chose to use only beautiful fabrics.

There does not seem to be a single ugly fabric in this quilt!

My sewing room does not have a design wall, as it is actually not a sewing room but our bedroom. I have to design my quilts on the floor. The Husband does not appreciate it if I have designs on the floor for days on end (can't understand why though), so I needed to figure how to organize the colours of the squares, preferably without having to lay out every piece of the quilt on the floor. This is how I solved the problem:

In the final design, the darkest fabrics are on the “lower” side of the quilt and the lightest fabrics are on the “top”.

As a rule, I make bindings myself, but for this quilt, I found a matching ready-made binding. It was a recent purchase from a big notions warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia. The ready-made binding was easy and fast to sew.

Thank you, Amy from Amy's Creative Side, for organizing the festival! And thank you visitors who read this whole post!

6 kommenttia:

~Diana kirjoitti...

Lovely quilt, lucky sister! Well Done!

Eija kirjoitti...

Kaunis peitto.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Aivan upea peite,mutta niin ovat muutkin työsi kauniita.Olet saanut minusta ja lapsenlapsestani(12v)fanejasi.Kuinka saan Sinuun yhteyden?


Tilkunviilaaja kirjoitti...

Pirjolle: jos haluat ottaa yhteyttä, lähetä minulle sähköpostiviesti Googlen Tilkunviilaaja-profiilisivun kautta.

PaintedThread kirjoitti...

I really like the composition. Beautiful quilt!

PaintedThread kirjoitti...

I really like the layout. Very pretty!


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