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Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Internal Sweater quilt

This is the Internal Sweater quilt, finished in April 2014, and my entry to the Scrap Quilt Category in Blogger’s Quilt Festival, Fall 2014 edition.

Name: Intenal Sweater (Sisäinen villapaita) 
Design: My own 
Size: 67” by 85” 
Fabrics: A variety of scraps in all colours of the rainbow from my scrap bins, complemented by gray and nearly black fabrics bought for this quilt 
Quilted by Soile Kivinen from Töölön Tilkkupaja 
Backing features improv blocks made from scraps. Multi-coloured binding features fabrics found on the scrap squares on the quilt front. 

The scrap squares seem to be floating on a striped background in this quilt called “Internal Sweater”.

The name may sound puzzling, so let me expain. Looking at some earlier photos of the quilt top, I was reminded of a multi-coloured knit pattern. Because I had planned to put this quilt up on the quilt show ”Quilts on a Picnic” organized by the Helsinki Quilting Guild, I decided to name this quilt ”Internal Sweater”. Picnics in Finland can be cold going, and sometimes people need warmth on the inside, in addition to warm clothes. A drink of liquor on a cold day is often referred to as ”internal sweater” in Finnish.

This was a good scrap project: all the colourful squares have been built from scraps.

Even the binding has been cut from scraps. The binding includes all the colours of the rainbow and the colours slide from one to another rather fluidly.

I improv pieced the scrap squares by sewing together scraps representing a single colour (or thereabouts single) until I had an around 15cm x 15cm piece, which I trimmed to the exact size. I chose to use all colours of the rainbow in this quilt.

 Picture from the process of making the quilt:

I’ve just trimmed the quilt edges so I can sew in the binding.

The flip side of the Internal Sweater quilt features a rich selection of scraps as well. The big scrap pieces were actually a fortunate find – I’d sewn them together quite some time ago and just never found a use for them before this. It was also fortunate that the scrap pieces were big: I did not need as much of the other backing fabrics.

In addition to the scrap pieces, I also used the same gray and almost black fabric as on the quilt top, fabrics from my stash and in addition, fabric that used to be one of our pillow cases.

The name tag is a piece of ready-made name tag print.

During the photo shoot, the sunlight was harsh and the shadows were sharp.

Soile Kivinen’s long-arm work (created at Töölön Tilkkupaja) is nicely visible in this shot:

This is the sunniest corner of the Internal Sweater quilt!

Thank you, Amy from Amy's Creative Side, for again organizing the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

11 kommenttia:

Aivosolu kirjoitti...

Tää on kyllä tosi hieno! Mulla menee vielä hetki, että saan noin kivan värisiä jämäpaloja aikaseks.

Pitikin muuten kysymäni, että kun tikkaat suoraa tikkausta niin vedätkö joka rivin aina eri suuntaan kuin edellisen?

Hannele kirjoitti...

It's beautiful, I love the colour gradation :)

Kat kirjoitti...

I really like this! Great use of scraps!

knottygnome kirjoitti...

beautiful design! i love how the scrappy blocks float on the striped background

Robin kirjoitti...

Lovely! You have made beautiful use of color, and the floating block design is so cool. Beautiful work!

Just Sew Sue kirjoitti...

I love scrappy bindings on a scrappy quilt.

LIttle Penguin Quilts kirjoitti...

Rainbow and scrappy are my favorite quilts! I love the way you did your background!

Frederique kirjoitti...

What a beauty, I love your quilt!

Sherri @ kirjoitti...

Oh I LOVE it!!! Gorgeous!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen kirjoitti...

Your quilt is just wonderful; so happy and bright. You've just got my vote!

amy kirjoitti...

Such a fun quilt!! Great job!


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